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Updated 01/01/2008
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Welcome to the 
KDRM Management Services Web Site!

By utilizing our vast professional resources, KDRM is able to assist you in managing every aspect of your office administrative needs.  And we've got you covered 24-7 with our assistance.

The main reasons businesses look to out-sourcing services is that specifically trained people often have tools you donít know about, as well as information resources and unique skills you havenít the time to develop on your own. 

In short, KDRM can often achieve superior results in much less time than you can.  If you need assistance for only a limited time period or single project or would like assistance on a long term basis, the professionals at KDRM can help!

Most of our consultants are based in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon, but the 21st century has literally given us the ability to work in a "virtual office", eliminating geographical limitations.

Please browse through our list of services.  If you can not find the specific assistance you're looking for, please contact us.  With decades of successful working experience we have the knowledge, skill and experience to put to work for you!

Kay King & Denise Morrison


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